Joffre, Joseph-Jacques-Césaire

   marshal of France
   Known chiefly for his command of the French army during World War I, Joseph-Jacques-Césaire Joffre was born in Rivesaltes and educated at the École polytechnique in Paris. Joffre served in French colonies in Africa and Asia and, in 1902, was made brigadier general. Commander in chief of the French armies in the north at the beginning of World War i, he achieved a successful counterattack against the German forces that had invaded France in August 1914. His initial victory, known as the First Battle of the Marne, caused the Germans to abandon their march toward Paris. Joffre became a national hero, but his subsequent failure to break the German lines, and the heavy losses later at Verdun (1916), caused dissatisfaction with his leadership. in December 1916, he was replaced by General george nivelle as active commander of the French forces, although Joffre still retained the title of commander in chief. He was subsequently made a marshal of France and, in 1918, was elected to the Académie Française. Marshal Joffre has left his Memoires (posthumous, 1932).

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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